International Design Workshop – 2)(BEND

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Patron: Hendrik Hering Minister for Economy, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture in Rheinland-Pfalz
Title: 2)(BEND – (twice) bent … for sitting? 
Building upon the successful competitions for the Friedrich Sulzer Design Prize in the years 2002 and 2006 as well as the Workshop Parameter in 2004, the Simonshof Foundation is sponsoring at the beginning of September 2008 a further international workshop titled 2)(BEND with the theme of digital furniture making. Within this framework exciting products made of plate, or sheet-like materials should be created by means of bending along several axes to produce three dimensional objects. The workshop will be supported by our project partners who will participate in transforming the designs into prototypes. 
Dates: 31.08. – 07.09.2008 Simonshof Foundation (Stiftung Simonshof), Gleisweiler 07.09.2008 Opening of the Exhibition Stiftung Simonshof, Gleisweiler 
Applications: Design and architecture students as well as young designers are eligible to apply. 
Forms: Application forms for the workshop can be found here
Description: The workshop 2)(BEND wishes to offer young designers the opportunity to become familiar with novel possibilities for fabrication, and give impulse for finding innovative solutions for such possibilities. Objects (for sitting) whose principle of construction includes a multiple bending of surfaces are to be designed and developed. The cutting out of free shapes and the production of exactly fitting connections of sheet or plate-like materials will be made possible by the use of digital fabrication methods and flexibly employed computer navigated machines. Initially, a period of joint work between the applicants and the project partners is envisioned, for the development of objects, which using the construction principle of multiple bent surfaces will allow for its sensible realization. In addition, corresponding files will be generated. Afterwards the objects will be realized with the project partners as prototypes and subsequently be presented to the public in an exhibition of works. 
Summary: The Workshop 2)(BEND is concerned with the construction principles of multiple bent surfaces and their realization by means of novel fabrication methods. As well, various aspects of modern production and design possibilities should be illuminated. 2)(BEND should provide impulse for a useful combination of these new possibilities of fabrication in the realm of furniture making with seldom found construction principles.
Partners: Partners from the region will be supporting the Workshop, and as well, firms in the area of CNC-production, suppliers, and the media will have been informed of this event. 
Organizer: Stiftung Simonshof, Hauptstraße 7, 76835 Gleisweiler 
Patron: Hendrik Hering Minister for Economy, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture in Rheinland-Pfalz 
Organization: …4!, Neuwerk 7, 06108 Halle/Saale,     Tel 0049 (0) 173 9957 189

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