International Design Award “Two by One”

International Design Award“Two by One“After the successful Friedrich Sulzer Prize in 2002 and the workshop „Parameter“ in 2004, Stiftung Simonshof Design Museum, a nonprofit foundation, invites designers to participate in this international design competition. Entries should be furniture designs in digital form that can be realised economically on CNC machines on the basis of a sheet 2 x 1 m or 8 x 4 feet, either metal or ligneous.TimetableAutumn 2005AnnouncementMarch 15th 2006final date for entriesSpring 2006Short-ListingSummer 2006Jury decision and realisation of prototypesJanuary 2007Exhibition at the International Furniture Fair (IMM), CologneEntries are invited from designers, craftsmen, students …Competitors must provide a signed statement that they are the author(s) of the submitted design and that they cede the rights to exhibit and publish the results, including the name of the author(s).Jury:Ron Arad (London), Prof. Axel Kufus (Berlin), Prof. Ludger Hovestadt (Zürich), Dirk Fischer (Neustadt).One Prize“2×1 CNC award“ design in ligneous material1.000,- EuroOne Prize“2×1 CNC award“ design in metal sheet1.000,- EuroFriedrich Sukzer special award:innovation in using CNC technologies500,- EuroPrototypes of the winning designs will be made by our foundation and firms working with us.Outline specification:This competition invites designers to engage in the field of digital furniture design and manufacture. The entries must be in digital form (.dxf and .pdf), to facilitate the transfer of ideas and data between designer and manufacturer without personal communication; to ensure this the „language“ of the entry is am essemtial element of the design.The design should use the potential of digital technologies in an intelligent way. Good design is as important as considerations of production and cost.Summary:CNC technology is well stablished in the field of metal and ligneous sheet and is mostly used for standard forms that do not challenge the real potential of such technology. The competition aims to promote good furniture design that makes use of this potential.The firms selected to realise the award winning designs will be specially chosen on the requirements of each design.Entries should be sent to the promoter:Stiftung Simonshof, Hauptstrasse 7 D 76835 GleisweilerOrganisation: …4, Neuwerk 7, D 06108 Halle/SaaleTel.: +49 345 7751.892, email:

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