International Design Award “Two by One”

Report of the decision taken by the jury on 22.05.2006 at the Stiftung Simonshof Gleisweiler / Germany.By March 15. 2006 we had received 38 entries from nine countries (Austria, Germany, Canada, India, Switzerland, USA, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovak Republik and the UK).The Pre-selection-Comittee (A.Hack, Martin Büdel, Wolfgang Kreser of …4!) had screened all the entries and presented them to the jury (Ron Arad, Axel Kufus, Ludger Hovestadt, Dirk Fischer). The jury meeting opened at 9 a.m.on May 26. 2006. Axel Kufus elected as chairman. All entries were discussed and juged by the jury. The short list included:Michael Blomeier (D), Katja Schoelzig (D), Pascal Heinz (D), Louis Gric (USA), Oskar Zieta (PL), Thorsten Klocke (D), Philipp Pelz (D), Sibylle Pfeiffer (D), Stefan Stauffacher (CH) and Bhaya Kamalia (India).After long and detailed dicussion the jury decided to award the prizes to:The 2X1 CNC Prize in lingenious material (625,- €) to Thorsten Klocke (D) The 2X1 CNC Prize in metal sheet (625,- €) to Stefan Stauffacher (CH)The Friedrich Sulzer Special Award “innovation in using cnc technology” using metal sheet (625,- €) to Oskar Zieta (PL)The Friedrich Sulzer Special Award “innovation in using cnc technology” using lingenious material (625,- €) to Louis Gric (USA)The jury asks the winners to send an updated CD to Stiftung Simonshof to facilitate the transfer of the designs to the manufacturers of the prototypes.The design object will be published and exhibited at the International Furniture Fair (IMM) Cologne 2007.Gleisweiler 22.05.2006

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